Seminars and Classes

All seminars and classes can be customized to fit the audience and the time available. Here’s a sampling of several that are perfect for hour-long classes such as “Lunch and Learns”:

  1. Basics of Good Nutrition: In this class we explore various myths and facts about good nutrition. We examine how to get the most from the foods we choose, as we take a closer look at carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.  This class assists people in understanding the undisputed importance of a healthy diet.
  2. Eating healthy – On the go: This is a favorite among many! As we scurry through our busy days, many of us neglect our bodies, filling it with fast junk foods.  In this class, people will learn how to choose convenience foods without sacrificing taste or health.
  3. Delicious, Sweet, and No Guilt! This is a fun class in which we learn about using natural alternatives to refined white sugar and flour in baking, as well as unhealthy fat substitution and egg-free baking for people with allergies.  Oh, and of course – can’t forget aboutChocolate!!!
  4. Natural Remedies/Using Foods for Natural Healing:A very popular class! Learn about non-traditional ways of treating non-serious illnesses. We will talk about safe herbs and remedies, Asian and Indian medicine, as well as using foods you normally keep in your kitchen to promote good health.
  5. Why Diets don’t Work:This is the perfect class for the yo-yo dieter or anyone discouraged after trying to diet. Diets often fail us by overly restricting us in our food choices and recommending foods that aren’t good choices for us individually. Learn how you can determine the right diet for your body type.
  6. Healthy Holiday Eating/How NOT to Gain Weight during the Holidays:Celebrate the holidays without guilt and without weight gain. Learn about what to watch out for during the holidays and how to avoid common eating problems. Have fun choosing delicious foods while learning to balance your choices for good health during the holidays.
  7. Spring-Cleaning for Your Body:This class is for those people wanting to begin a regimen of healthy eating for the spring. We will examine what foods support natural cleaning of the body, what foods to avoid, and also examine natural supplements and teas to aid in this process.
  8. The Healthy Vegetarian:This is a class designed for people who are considering becoming a vegetarian. We will discuss all forms of vegetarianism along with how to know which dietary choice may be right for you.
  9. Which Diet is Right for YOU?This very popular class explores the differences in the most popular diets and helps to define the best way to choose the diet that is individually right for you.
  10. Current Trends in Nutrition:Another very popular class that explores the current trends in diet and nutrition. We’ll take a look at foods that are making the news these days – Omega III fats, Antioxidants, Probiotics for digestive health, and much, much more.
  11. What’s the deal with GLUTEN? Find out about gluten, what it is, where it’s found, and how to avoid it if necessary. Discover the reason why gluten may not be the problem and when to know that it is. Sample a gluten-free recipe and learn how to make a gluten-free version of a favorite baked good.
  12. The Litigator’s Diet Plan Developed originally for McKee Nelson, this is special seminar for lawyers, designed to help with eating healthfully on the go and while traveling.  We’ll cover the basics on stomach upsets, gas and bloating, heartburn, constipation and general indigestion.

All while in court and/or on the road!!!

Lawyers don’t eat well but lawyers during long trials typically eat terrible stuff and don’t realize what they are doing to their energy and stamina levels, all required to work, day and night, while in trial. Alana’s advice on diet was a tremendous help to my trial team. The “Sugar-Approach” to educating the team and designing a range of litigator-friendly meals works extremely well for my band of lawyers. If the Sugar approach works for trial lawyers, it should work even more effectively for other folks. This is not legal advice, just the facts, as they used to say on Dragnet. Well, ask someone if you don’t know. Ask Alana Sugar.

David J. Curtin, Partner
Bingham McCutchen LLP